If the thought of a nice big juicy burger gets you salivating then make a visit to 7 Bone Burger Southampton top of your food chain! Located along Portswood High Street it’s already well known to the local student residence as the place to go for your meat fix, but for anyone looking for a mouth-watering burger in Southampton is a must-visit restaurant!

It’s quirky decor manages to pull off a rustic, unfinished look that gives the place real character, it will certainly get those up-cycling cogs turning! The open bar area gives you a view to the kitchen where the chefs are ready to send you to burger heaven!

There’s no table booking at 7 Bone but you’ll find plenty of seating. Once settled the friendly staff will be happy to talk you through the menu, there are certainly some unusual names, are you familiar with “Frickles”? A deep fried pickle that’s a must for pickle fans!

The menu is jam-packed with burger combinations to suit most tastes, but if you do fancy something different there’s a selection of hot dogs, sandwiches and melts, as well as some vegetarian options. Along side the main event there are some tasty sides available, we mentioned the Frickles right?! There’s also fries, wings and mac ‘n cheese to name a few, check out the full 7 Bone Burger menu here.

7 bone burger southampton

The Robert Johnston Burger

When the food arrives it comes in a classic burger joint basket which again adds character to this restaurant. The burgers themselves are cooked pink, however you are offered a more well-done option should your prefer. These burgers come stacked high, full of your chosen fillings from cheese to garlic mushrooms and fried onions. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! There is no polite way to eat burgers like these, so get stuck in and enjoy!

On to the drinks! There is a surprisingly large selection of drinks at 7 Bone, including beers and cocktails! Whilst you’re indulging however, one of their milkshakes is a must! Be prepared though, these shakes are seriously thick so you may resort to using your straw as a spoon…but boy is it worth it!

7 bone burger southampton

Maltoreo and Salted Caramel Milkshakes

Overall the experience in 7 Bone Southampton is one you’ll enjoy. The burgers aren’t for the faint-hearted but are some of the juiciest burgers you’ll find in the city and well worth a trip to this top end of town for.

The mission of owners Matt and Rich was to bring American comfort food to us and this is exactly what they’ve achieved. So much so that you’ll find 5 existing 7 Bone’s dotted around the south, with a promise of several more restaurants opening soon.