The Isle of Wight holds many hidden treasures but one of the probably better known is Blackgang Chine. This gem on the island is the UK’s oldest amusement park, yet has kept up the modern-day pace by adding to its many lands of imagination. 2017 is no exception as they welcome the new Underwater Kingdom at Blackgang Chine.

For those on the mainland getting to Blackgang Chine could not be easier with Red Funnel Ferries. It is in fact an added bonus to the experience! The car ferry offers a stable crossing even on a windy day with great views of the solent and life on the ocean waves. You can even start your day with breakfast on board and re-fillable drinks!

New Underwater Kingdom at Blackgang Chine

Once on the Isle of Wight it’s an easy and picturesque drive across the island to Blackgang Chine. As you arrive into the car park you can’t miss the gigantic smuggler that awaits outside the entrance, a well-known feature of the amusement park.

As you head on into the park the friendly staff will make sure you are equipped with a map and ready for your adventure. The park is made up of different lands of imagination, each one themed and with plenty to explore. You’ll most likely start at ‘Restricted Area 5’ where you’ll be transported back in time and come face-to-face with the most well-known dinosaurs, including the biggest animatronic T-Rex in the country!

Blackgang Chine Restricted Area 5

Each land flows into the next and has something to offer the whole family. From Fairyland to Pirate Cove, Cowboy Town and Nurseryland, you’ll discover fun play areas, amusements, sights and sounds, as well as plenty of refreshment opportunities…always well-deserved when running around with excitement!

New for 2017, Blackgang Chine opens it’s newest land of imagination the Underwater Kingdom! Ever wanted to explore the underwater world and meet the wonderful creatures of the deep? Well now you can! As you head into the Underwater Kingdom you’ll journey through a tunnel of twinkling lights, making you feel like you’re diving through a sea of bubbles.

You’ll be greeted by Giuseppe the crab who is in a bit of a pickle as he’s lost his children! Listen to his story and see if you can help him to find them!

From here you’ll head through a wonderful musical walk-through of coral and marine life, full of colour and luminescence, it really is magical and feels like you are part of the underwater world. The animatronic sea creatures are a fantastic touch, especially when you discover a family of turtles as they swim above your head. Find the sunken shipwreck just waiting to be explored and if you need to rest up just take a seat on the giant seashell.

The most spectacular feature has to be the giant whale that you’ll discover floating above you, fully moving and with the relaxing sounds of whale song. The perfect way to finish your journey through the depths!

Blackgang Chine Underwater Kingdom

The new Underwater Kingdom at Blackgang Chine is a fantastic addition to the amusement park. The colours and sounds really do transport you to an underwater world, and the animatronic sea creatures are an impressive feature. Even the tiniest details of a shimmery floor adds to the immersion of the experience. A must-see attraction and reason to visit Blackgang Chine!

After all the exploration you are bound to work up an appetite, luckily there are plenty of spots to grab snacks and drinks along the way, and areas to enjoy your own picnics. To really fill your boots head to Chine Cafe, where their fantastic new menu will fuel you for the rest of the day! With delicious 10″ pizza’s to fish and chips and plenty for the children to choose from, the menu will please the whole family!

Pizza at the Chine Cafe at Blackgang Chine

The different lands of imagination could keep you entertained for most of the day but there’s still plenty more to discover! From a giant hedge maze, halls of mirrors, rides and slides, to water gardens and the history of Blackgang.

What Blackgang Chine promises is a fantastic day out for the whole family! With an adventure around every corner and with the new Underwater Kingdom there’s plenty to discover whilst on the Isle of Wight.

Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight