Walk through the doors into the new Thaikhun Southampton restaurant in the newly developed WestQuay Watermark and feel instantly transported to the streets of Bangkok. Greeted with a traditional bow you are instantly immersed in Thailand culture and the hustle and bustle of the busy streets filled with aromas of authentic cuisine.

Thaikhun Southampton restaurantAfter a warm welcome the staff will continue to offer their friendly services whilst introducing you to their culture. On the tables you will find photos and maps with the bright streets of Bangkok, adding to the feeling that you’ve escaped to Thailand.

The menu is vast and caters for all tastes and dietary requirements. Your waiter will run through the menu with you, explaining the dishes, providing recommendations and examples of which sides complement your dishes perfectly.

The kitchen is open for you to see your food being made, as well as adding to the authentic atmosphere the wonderful smells will build the excitement and your appetite for when your food arrives, and with speedy service you won’t be waiting long.

Thaikhun Southampton restaurantThe sharing platters on the menu are for two or more, they are perfect for a couple on a date night, or for those who fancy sampling a few different delights. The cocktail list is just as impressive, and with cocktails such as the Phi Phi Bellini at such a great price it’ll be rude not to try one (or two!).

When your food arrives it is delivered by a team of two, one to carry and one to unload the plates onto your table. The food itself is so packed full of flavour it is out of this world! It lives up to and beyond the expectations you would expect from such an authentic restaurant.

Thaikhun Southampton restaurantThe interior of the restaurant is impressive and celebrates the culture of Thailand, with soft lighting and lively music, the atmosphere is amazing. You are not only going for a meal, but for an experience outside of the realms of Southampton, one that will make you want to visit Bangkok!

Having only opened its doors at the beginning of December with the opening of WestQuay Watermark, it is already exceeding expectations and buzzing with people, which only contributes to its atmosphere.

Thaikhun Southampton is great for date nights, great for families, great for students (with student discounts), and great for celebrations – it will cater for every single occasion!

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