Did you know you could journey out of this world without leaving Southampton? Exciting Escapes Southampton, based on Shirley High Street, transports you to new heights with their ‘Spies in Space’ escape room.

Thrown forward to the year 2050, technology has advanced and you head for a tour of the HMSS Shirley space ship. Your tour quickly takes a drastic turn as sabotage leaves you and your team trapped on board with the task of fixing the station before meltdown!

This escape room tips the medium/high difficulty scale so you get 75 minutes to complete your challenge with unlimited help from your games master along the way [should you need it].

On entering the escape room you’ll already feel immersed in the atmospheric space setting, feeling a million miles from Southampton. The futuristic surroundings make for a uniquely different experience to other escape rooms, with some tasks being ahead of our time and requiring a bit more lateral thinking!

What makes this escape room extra special is the size of it. You’ll travel through several rooms as your mission unfolds and pressure builds! This requires some serious team work, with many escape rooms you can split off and take a puzzle each, in space you need the whole team pulling together!

The ‘Spies in Space’ escape room is fully immersive, high intensity, and great fun! You’ll be challenged and put to the test, but ultimately enjoy a truly unique experience.

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The team at The Southampton Guide completed this room in 71 minutes, with just 4 minutes to spare!