We continue to celebrate Roald Dahl’s work (a 100 years after his birth) in this stunning performance at the Nuffield Southampton Theatres.
A children’s story made ‘alive’ for us to immerse ourselves in. Dahl’s work is so full of imagery that anyone who takes this task on must have been quaking in their boots! But Sam Holcroft brings this to the stage with a modern twist so a new audience can connect with the action.

The stage show felt like a little bit of the West End had just been beamed into the Nuffield Theatre (The Stage Awards 2015 best regional theatre). We were not expecting a musical… but the way that Arthur Darvill has weaved the music into the show is very clever and enhances the story. Features like the Barbershop Birds and songs to make digging fun, gave the audience the time to reflect and time to engage.

A mention to Claire Windsor the Sound designer, that will have you believing that their is a buzzing Mosquito in the woods, and the lighting (Lee Curran) added to the performance when it mattered. Farmer Bean and his Foxy breakdown, looked amazing! The stage design was very clever too (Tom Scutt).

The cast are of a really high calibre if you had not read the programme you could sense how in tune they all are with their art, they believed in the animals and you will too.

Gruffudd Glyn as Farmer Bunce/mole brought a humour to his role’s and a regional accent which was refreshing, Sandy Foster as Rabbit had perfect timing on delivering the comedic punch. Richard Atwill as Farmer Bean was as dark and sinister as Dahl had written, his Farmer Bean created the darkness to Mr Fox’s light.

And what of Mr Fox himself Greg Barnett, as a fox he was not suave or sophisticated, we see Mr Fox as a thrill seeker, a dare devil, a ‘better than you’ attitude. When fox looses his tail Barnett’s performance draws on deeper emotions; a sense of self and of identity, we realise that these are the reason that Roald Dahls work stands the test of time, but Greg and his Foxy Wife Lillie Flynn, almost gave a scene from Le Miserable!! Her identity, his identity, worth, strength, loss, sacrifice…..

Now if you thought you were going to see this as a bit of light kids entertainment, think again because the whole team of @MrFox_Live give you more than you realise. Sit back, watch and listen – oh and don’t forget to bring the kids!

Showing at the Nuffield SouthamptonTheatres until the 8th January 2017.

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