OxygenFreeJumping SouthamptonOxygen Freejumping is the first of its kind to come to Southampton – it features dodgeball courts, a giant air bag, trampoline runway, foam pits, 150 connected trampolines and it’s all yours for one hour!

Before heading into trampoline arena you are kitted up with special brightly coloured trampoline socks and asked to watch a safety video – then the fun can begin!

The space itself is split into zones where each of the activities take place. A particular favourite was the dodgeball court where the game is taken to a whole new level! There were about 6 balls and connected trampolines (including on the walls!) and a ref watching you, let the dodgeball battle begin! Another aOxygenFreeJumpingSouthamptonrea that was enjoyed was the giant air bag. Two people at a time, each having their own runway, you can flip (or trip!) your way onto a huge giant air bag. Watch our video of the airbag here! Challenge your fellow partners to the obstacle course foam pit which includes monkey bars, a tight rope, trampolines and ropes for swinging onto petal stools without touching the blue foam!

A huge runway is all yours to show off your flip skills or just show everyone how high you can bounce – or why not try run on the trampolines that are on the walls! After your bouncing hour is up, why not head to the cafe to re-charge your batteries which serves excellent coffee and homemade pizzas!

Oxygen Freejumping is a great concept and so pleased it has made its way to Southampton – fun for all ages and all occasions!

You are left bouncing all the way home with huge #airsmiles on your face! See you again soon Oxygen!

To book your visit or to find out more, visit oxygenfreejumping.co.uk/southampton