Escape rooms have definitely become one of the top things to do in 2017! A challenge for the mind and great fun with friends or colleagues. One of Southampton’s newest escape rooms, Other World Escapes has gone that extra step to create a fully immersive experience that teases all the senses!

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Other world escapes SouthamptonBased on East Street near Debenhams in Southampton, Other World Escapes has hit the ground running with it’s first escape room. The Mayan themed room will transport you to another world where you’ll be tasked with finding the elixir of life within the Mayan temple.

What makes this room so effective is the full sensory experience. So much thought has gone into the room, not just the clues and puzzles to solve but sounds, smells and even the controlled temperature!

The dim lighting gives the room a spooky feel and heightens the senses. With direction and help from the Mayan God you set off on your challenge to find the elixir. There are some unique puzzles and tasks throughout the room which makes it unique even for those with some escape room experience.

Other world escapes SouthamptonThe clues and puzzles are a good mix of mental and physical challenges, testing both the mind and the senses. Some of the challenges do require a bit of hand/eye coordination and others more of a mathematical mind, so on the whole there’s a good variety that will allow each team member to show off their strengths.

The team behind Other World Escapes are extremely helpful, friendly and on-hand should you need a clue or two. Their relaxed attitude makes it great fun and means for those who struggle they won’t be left to get frustrated, this makes it a great room for both escape room beginners and the more experienced.

Other world escapes SouthamptonAnother added touch to Other World Escapes is the back story that supports the rooms. At the centre of it all “the Syndicate” pose a threat to each world you are transported to, this background story which starts on their website will tie each room together, meaning you’ll want to go back to try the next!

At the moment Mayan is the first room ready for action, but over autumn and winter 2017 we can look forward to being transported to Vermillion and Abyss!


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