SeaCity Museum has currently got a fascinating exhibition on and it’s called Visions of the Universe and the Southampton Guide were very lucky to be able to go and have a look around.

Visions of the Universe at SeaCity SouthamptonAs you enter the space you are taken through amazing images and facts about our moon, this part of the exhibition is called ‘Visions of the Moon’. You not only see beautiful photographs and learn interesting things, you get to see a large projected image of our moon spinning on one of the walls – you could have sat here for hours and be taken into another world – literally!

As you walk around you then enter the second part of the exhibition ‘Visions of the Sun’. Along with photos and facts there is an interactive display screen where you can learn about Eclipse’s and also Transit Eclipse’s – great for the kids. Once again, there is a projection of our sun on the wall.

When walking around it’s hard to remember that you are seeing images of things that exist and not just a photography exhibition! It does make you and our world look so tiny and fragile in comparison.

The third part of the exhibition is ‘Visions of the planets’ and what an amazing part of the exhibit it is. Did you know that Venus is the closest planet to us? And if we could travel to Venus in a jet aero plane the journey would take about 5 years? Did you also know that Jupiter has over sixty known moons? Us neither.

The fourth part of the exhibition is ‘Visions of deep space’ and this is an incredible part of the exhibit. The photos are so stunning that they do not even look real! Every image had so much detail, in both the image itself and the story that was written underneath.

Visions of the Universe at SeaCity SouthamptonThe exhibition draws to an end on ‘Visions of the Universe and Us’ and this focuses on images such as The Northern Lights and also when we landed on the moon.

Once you step outside and look up to the sky – after seeing all those photos it’s amazing to know what is actually out there!

There was so much to read and it is fascinating for all ages! A definite recommend from The Southampton Guide HQ! The exhibition is on until 21st February 2016 so make sure you head on down there before it closes.

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