After a busy shopping experience in West Quay Southampton you may be feeling a little peckish. There’s a whole host of eateries at the top of the West Quay shopping centre, but if you’ve really shopped until you’ve dropped why not let the food come to you at Yo Sushi!

If you have never experienced a traditional sushi bar before than you must…even if you’re not a fan of fish there is plenty of other delicious options available. At Yo Sushi the food really does come to you!

Yo Sushi SouthamptonOnce sat at your booth or up at the bar you’ll be next to a conveyor belt that is continually moving. On the belt is small coloured plates, each with a small portion of sushi. All you do is as a plate passes that you like the look of, pick it off the conveyor belt and tuck in!

At your table you’ll be given a menu which shows you all the food available. Each plate is coloured and that colour let’s you know the price of the food on the plate. A selection of prepped food will continue to travel round, don’t worry if you miss a dish you like as they continue to make more. If you want to try a hot dish or one you haven’t seen, simply press the button on your table to alert the waitress and order you food. This is then prepared and brought to you.

Yo Sushi SouthamptonIf you are concerned that your food may have done the rounds several times and be poked at by other people, then don’t be. Each plate is covered by a plastic dome and labeled with a time so the staff know when to remove it from the belt so the food is always fresh.

On your table you also have two taps for still and sparkling water that you can just continually help yourself to (other drinks are available), there’s soy sauce, ginger and wasabi¬†and of course chop sticks!

It really is a great experience and worth a go, whether you’re a fan of fish or not there are plenty of other meat and vegetarian options to choose from.

If you’re just after a quick snack then you could pop in for a plate or two, or enjoy a full meal. A delicious treat after a hard days shopping!