There are three things that will immediately catch your attention when you walk into Fogo Gaucho Southampton. Firstly, the building in which the restaurant resides; built in 1875 as the National Provincial Bank of England, this attractive building with it’s high ceilings gives an immediate sense of luxury.

Secondly, the warm welcome you receive from the staff. Friendly and helpful, they will make you feel welcome and comfortable from the offset. Being a slightly unique restaurant this isn’t your standard sit down and order venue, so the staff will talk you through the process so you are ready to go.

And thirdly; the food! Starting with the large buffet centred in the middle of the restaurant, with a huge selection of salads, starters, potatoes, and anything you can think of to tantalise those taste buds!

The only menu you will need for the evening is the drinks menu, with more cocktail choices than you could possible need…there’s nothing quite like a Raspberry Champagne Cocktail to get you started.

fogo gaucho southamptonWhen you can no longer resist the amazing aromas and your mouth is watering uncontrollably, you simply turn over the coloured card in front of you (green for go!), head up to the buffet and fill your plate, then await the streams of waiters coming out with meat on skewers!

Approaching your table they will tell you the type of meat on offer, then cut you off a piece. These meats have been roasted to perfection, tender and delicious! Even when you think you can’t take any more they are hard to say no to.

The food keeps coming and you can return to the buffet as much as you like until you can’t take anymore, then simply turn your card back over (red for stop!) and relax!

This is a great venue for a celebration, with it’s unique and memorable experience. The cocktails can take some time to be mixed but they are well worth the wait, and the staff will do their very best to accommodate everyone…even a vegetarian who will have more than enough choice from the buffet!

An evening meal at Fogo Gaucho will cost you £22.95, for the amount you are able to eat it is certainly worth the price!