The SeaCity Museum tells the story of Southampton’s maritime history, including that of the ill-fated Titanic that famously set sail from Southampton docks.

Through unique historic collections and displays the journeys of travellers coming too and leaving from Southampton ports are documented through the years.

The new Port Out exhibition has now opened at the SeaCity Museum and is a great way to discover more about the impressive ocean liners that have begun, and ended their journeys in Southampton.

The exhibition is well presented using actual furniture and memorabilia from ships such as the Mauretania, Queen Mary and QE2. There’s even letters written by crew and passengers that sailed on these great ships from as early as the 1890’s.

Port Out at SeaCity Museum SouthamptonAs well as plenty of information the exhibition also includes interactive elements, which include some trivia, puzzles and costumes including the captain’s or steward’s uniform. These elements are great fun for all ages!

The exhibition is a real in-site into the way the cruise industry has shaped Southampton, bringing employment, tourism and industry with it.

If you are from Southampton you cannot help but feel a sense of pride, and if you’re not from Southampton you cannot help but be fascinated by this great industry.

The exhibition runs from 25 March 2016 until 4 June 2017. Find out more here.