After the successful launch of their first escape room, Mayan (see our review for that one here), Other World Escapes have been working hard to launch their new room – Vermilion!

Based in a 1930’s cigar lounge, Vermilion aims to transport you back to post-prohibition times where your mission is to crack the code and find the hidden secrets within! To add to the thrill this room can be played in Vs mode, with half your team racing you to complete a second (almost) identical room!

Before you start your cryptic adventure you’ll be given a backstory to help you understand a little more of what awaits inside, but it will be up to you to discover the clues, piece the puzzle and unlock the mysteries that are found within.

If you’ve played an escape room or two before, you’ll know that to start off you’ll need to pick up all the objects and collect pieces dotted around the room to start to solve the puzzles, with Vemilion, Other World Escapes have been particularly clever to give this game a twist on the rest!

You may find yourself bewildered when you first enter the room, it’s simple and there aren’t the usual obvious clues lying in wait! You’ll have to be clever, things aren’t always what they seem and as you start to unravel the room you’ll find clues hidden in plain sight!

It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the room, and even for the most experience escaper you’ll certainly be tested! Don’t be put off if you’re a first timer though, a bit of lateral thinking and a friendly team on hand should you get stuck!

Whether you’re a team of 2 or 10, Other World Escapes in Southampton is great for fun with mates or a challenge with your colleagues.

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