This Sunday 15th April Oxford Street Southampton will be marking its historic connections to the Titanic with a selection of activities.

Oxford Street Southampton has many historical links to the Titanic. It was where crew and passengers lived, stayed, ate and drank before embarking on the infamous journey. Although many of the buildings are home to new venues, the history and heritage found within still remains. This Sunday will be 106 years to the day of that never forgotten moment when the Titanic sank and the streets traders invite you to discover the history of the Titanic on Oxford Street Southampton.

There will be a guided Titanic walk taking place from 11am at Holy Rood Memorial, finishing up at 12.30 on Oxford Street. Led by the Southampton Tour Guides Association you’ll discover the homes and buildings associated with the Titanic Story.

As well as a walk through history you can discover more within the venues themselves. At The London Hotel, see the log book from the owners at the time and enjoy a “Crew members lunch”. Find out who drank in The Grapes before the voyage & the history which still remains. Caskaway will be serving gin from the 4 port cities with a Titanic association; Belfast where she was built, Liverpool where the White Star Line had their headquarters, Southampton, of course and New York, the destination. You can enjoy a delicious Cream Tea served all day at The Docks Coffee House, or treat yourself to an Afternoon Tea with a glass of fizz (booking recommended).

Not only that but visitors will be able to pick up a copy of the Oxford Street Titanic Heritage Trail Leaflet and discover more about the street’s connections to the Titanic. You’ll be able to pick up a copy at many of the Oxford Street venues or when you partake in the guided walk. For further information visit