A lovely evening at Marwell Zoo for their Party in the Park…

What an enjoyable evening at Marwell Zoo for their Sunset Party. It had been raining throughout the day, but the sun put his hat on and came out for the evening party!

The event started at 6.30pm and was running through until 9.30pm, arriving at 6pm and there were already crowds of people there waiting to get in.

Whilst waiting in the queue they had some great entertainment; 3 men playing instruments singing classic old school songs. Very catchy and funny. Oh, and they were on stilts!

The gates opened on the dot of 6.30pm and the crowd was greeted with very friendly staff and lots of smiles and then the Big Noise Samba Band. Absolutely fantastic and got a lot of people dancing. There was also a walking dinosaur which came over and greeted people with a little roar.

Over at the penguins, Ralph the Penguin cute as always in his wetsuit was taking the limelight. The Flamingos were enjoying the evening sun and a wander into the Savannah Tracks would lead you to see the Cheetahs and Giraffes. There were also lots of excited children trying to get a T-Rex selfie! (With the chance of potentially winning the cuddly toy!)

Giraffes at Marwell Zoo

Giraffes at Marwell Zoo

As it was the evening all the animals were nearly all outside apart from the Giraffes who were all inside chomping away. It is not often you can see so many Giraffes in one place, an amazing site.

There was lots of party fun going on and up at Marwell House all the partying was happening! There was The Inflatables where you could take part in their Bungee Run, trampolines, music and The Birds (fantastical giant birds with stunning, illuminated feathers!).

It was then time to see the Hippos. They were playing around with each other in the water which was very funny to watch – the site of Mum yawning was a little scary! Walking down the hill just in time for the fire show by Juggling Inferno. They are very talented and it was brilliant to watch. It is amazing to see them do some of their tricks, dancing and spinning with hoops of fire and then throwing it in the air and then eating fire! There were gasps from the crowd at all of their tricks.

This was a perfect way to end a lovely evening and it will be an evening that is well worth going to again!