A young boy interested in plumbing has all the answers to the heist of the century! His little old granny smells of cabbage and seems to have a touch of flatulence! Friday’s are soooooo boring! 

A great performance by the cast and crew of the Birmingham Stage Company bringing David Walliams book ‘Gangsta Granny’ to life. Granny played by Gilly Tompkins is superb very funny to see a granny dance and rap!

Comic characters interspersed in the story bring a normality to Ben’s life, who seems to be a lonely child of 11 obsessed with plumbing. Ben Played by Ashley Cousins is energetic and engaging and believable as a boy who wants to please, but finds his life is boring, compounded by the weekly visit to Granny’s house, while his parents trip the light fantastic!

Theatre performance demands each show is fast paced, costume changes and new scenes need to reflect the mood of each moment. The stage show ‘Gangsta Granny’ does this well. Scene changes are fast as the sets are changed through interesting boxes that get pushed and pulled into different scenes a credit to Jacqueline Trousdale’s design. The lighting also must get a mention as to the dramatic mishaps and moments that Ben has really does improve the engagement with Ben’s world, hats off to Lighting designer Jason Taylor.

Older children will enjoy this show, younger ones get a bit fidgety but they understand the themes. Indeed a child was overheard saying that they thought they had learned something about the History of the Tower of London – proving that theatre is educational too.

Catch the live shows at the Mayflower until 3rd April with matinee performances on each day too!

We cannot believe the variety that our regional theatres have to offer, last week we were at the opera and this week a kids comedy. Make sure that you take a look at the rest of the year at the mayflower and theatres nearer to you, you might be surprised at what they can offer!