The Rockstone Southampton sits in the heart of Bevois Valley, not far from Southampton’s city centre. Looking a little out of place with its country pub vibe, this is a real not-so-hidden treasure right under your nose. With a growing reputation for the “best burgers in town” it seemed only appropriate that The Southampton Guide checked these bad boys out.

You may expect a Tuesday night to be fairly quiet, but don’t forget this is student territory and the week nights are their weekends! With it also being “burger night” where you can enjoy two burgers for £20, it was clear there was some serious competition for tables with the majority being reserved. Fortunately the departure of some early feeders meant the wait for a seat was minimal.

The Rockstone Southampton "New Rockstone Classic Burger"

New Rockstone Classic
With Sweet Potato fries

With a selection of ales at the bar, cosy layout and a friendly dog wandering around, you really felt transported out of the city and into the country. To match the warm atmosphere the friendly staff added to the experience and helped to create a relaxing vibe.

The toughest job of the night was choosing a burger! A wide selection of fillings to go with your 11oz burger made it hard to pick just one, then you had the added choice of chips, cheesy chips or sweet potato fries!

Once ordered it was simply a case of relaxing and trying not to drool on the table whilst you watched burger “towers” arriving at peoples tables. The smell alone of freshly cooked delights was enough to make your mouth water. Thankfully the wait for your own wasn’t a long one.

The question is; is the Rockstone Southampton serving the best burgers in town? If the answer isn’t a flat out yes then it’s certainly very close to it! The size of them is a little intimidating, especially as they don’t skimp on the chip portions either, but these burgers are a real treat. Handmade and delicious!

You may well struggle to finish it which is always a little disappointing, but you will be satisfied and dreaming of that burger for days to come!

The Rockstone Southampton isn’t just about the burger though. They offer other foods including steaks and have regular music nights, as well as ale festivals and happy hours! There are definitely plenty of reasons to visit again.