The world’s largest cruise ship arrived in Southampton this morning. The Harmony of the Seas slowly emerged on the horizon around 5.40am against the dramatic backdrop of dawn breaking above the city. She was led by a tug spraying two arcs of water with another following behind. Excitement rippled through the small crowd of people gathering in Mayflower Park – two even wearing pyjamas. They clapped as she sounded her fog horns several times.

Harmony of the Seas sailed up Southampton Water to berth near Mayflower Park at about 6am. She is making her making her bow in the city, giving residents their first chance to see the 227,000 ton behemoth travelling up Southampton Water and in to port.

The vessel has cost more than $1billion to build, making her the most expensive ship in the Royal Caribbean line’s 25-strong fleet. And apart from the sheer scale of the ship it will also boast a host of fantastical features ranging from robot barmen and giant slides to a central park.

The ship is 361 metres long, making her more than three times as long as Big Ben is tall, and will carry 6,000 passengers. She will depart from Southampton on a series of getaways to the western Mediterranean.

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