With so many venue choices and many pubs and bars opening their doors early in the day, your night out can start as soon as you’re ready! (Based around the Bedford Place area – don’t forget to drink responsibly!)

Happy hour with a difference!
There’s nothing like a cocktail to get the party started and Bring & Mix Southampton offers you a unique twist on your favourite mixed drinks! Book yourself an early sitting and take your chosen spirits with you. Your mixologist will mix great cocktails for you right at your table! A great experience and the perfect way to start your evening. Don’t worry they’ll look after your bottles for your to pick up later in the week so you can carry on your night!


Live entertainment
Many pubs and bars have live entertainment, which is a fantastic accompaniment to a night out. Throughout the week you’ll find several open mic nights taking place across the city, including Monday Night Blues at the Orange Rooms, Unplug & Play at the Rockstone, Rhythmdell at The Hobbit, Plug & Play at the Alexandra, Sunday Funday at Ninety Degrees, and Take to the Stage at The Stage Door.

Keep the conversation going
Nights out aren’t just about dancing and music, sometimes you just want to enjoy a catch up with your friends, so head over to Rumba for some laid back vibes and plenty of comfy seating.

the hobbit southampton

Get those dancing shoes on!
When the time is right and your feet begin to tap, it’s time to find some dancing room! Vodka Revolutions, Tokyo Bar and Buddha Lounge all offer a bar complete with dance floor so you can really start to move!

Time to party!
Southampton offers many late night bars that are great for spending the evening in. If you decide a club is more up your street there are several options around Bedford Place depending on your taste! Pop World plays your pop classics, it’s bright lights and fun atmosphere is always good for a giggle! For those DJ enthusiasts head to Junk on London Road, open until 4am nearly every night it’s great for those who love a good dance night!


Midnight feast
After a night of dancing the appetite usually needs something, Bedford Place is full of late night takeaways, which can help you indulge in any late night cravings including pizza, burgers, chips and chicken!

Home safe
It’s important that you and your friends get home safely. Being a busy area taxi’s stop all over Bedford Place, with main ranks outside Junk and Vodka revs. Make sure you get into a licensed cab and agree a price before you get in.