The phenomenon that is Stomp has returned to The Mayflower Southampton for 4 show-stomping days until the 19th August. Stomp combines percussion music, played on the most unlikely of objects, with theatrical movement to produce an entertaining show full of fun, laughter and serious beats!

Using nothing more than their bodies and ordinary everyday objects such as rubbish bins, matchstick boxes and even kitchen sinks! The cast of Stomp will take you on an impressive musical adventure that’s a real treat for senses. 

The set itself takes you to a rubbish tip where 8 employees share their day. Without words you get to know the characters traits and personalities, and the underlying story of one desperately trying to fit in, which adds a sheer hilarity and comedy factor to the performance.

Stomp at the Mayflower Southampton

With each scene the objects used to create percussion instruments get even more impressive. From piping, to barrels, shopping trolleys to large inflated rubber rings! Each scene leading smoothly onto the next and building in tempo to create a truly explosive performance!

The performers all have such rhythm and coordination that you’ll be blown away by the skill in their performance. Even a simple scene using nothing more that lighters creates a visual effect like no other. All this combined with some audience interaction and you’ve got a show that will have you smiling, laughing and clapping along for an entire evening of entertainment.

One definitely not to be missed!


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