The new leisure complex addition to Westquay Southampton has been a welcome revival for the city. Filled with some of the UK’s most renowned restaurants, it is without a doubt an even greater pleasure to welcome Wahaca to Southampton.

A vision of co-founder Thomasina Miers who felt inspired to show off the real Mexico has helped to develop the fresh, tapas style street food that can now be enjoyed at Wahaca Southampton, the 24th restaurant in the Wahaca family.

“At Wahaca we shook things up a bit and started doing things a little differently. Living in Mexico, running bars out there and having time to explore its amazing cuisine made me fall in love with the incredible vibrancy and freshness of real Mexican food.” – Thomasina Miers

Wahaca Southampton

Based in Westquay South Wahaca is one of the first restaurants you’ll notice as you cross the footbridge from the multi-story car park. It’s authentic Mexican decor, steel drum barrels, palm trees and vibrant colours will transport you to the lively streets of Mexico.

The two story restaurant offers plenty of seating. Downstairs spills out into an almost courtyard style area giving you a sense of being sat outside, with a centralised bar and view of the kitchens. Upstairs a layout of hidden corners and partitioned areas will ensure you are not overwhelmed by a busy restaurant, but still offering plenty of atmosphere where ever  you’re seated.

Passion Fruit and Vanilla Mojito

The staff are welcoming and full of energy, happy to talk you through the many options on the menu and walk you through your street food experience. Choose from a selection of street food, smaller tapas-style dishes which are perfect for sharing and for sampling different delicacies. There are plenty of bigger food options if you know what you like, and for those indecisive people the sharing selections do the hard work for you and give you a range of tasty dishes to try.

Salmon Sashimi Tosdadas

Salmon Sashimi Tosdadas

Whilst you await for your food it must be time for a drink! There’s a variety of your favourite cocktails with a twist (the Passion Fruit and Vanilla Mojito is a must!) as well as Mexican beers, and for the designated drivers a selection of mocktails.

Of course what comes to mind when we think of drinking and Mexico? TEQUILA! However, you are about to learn how to do it right! Forget the salt and lemon, did you know tequila is made to be sipped? Wahaca has a fine selection of tequila and mezcal’s, made from the blue agave plant that has enjoyed 7-10 years of basking in the Mexican sun before being used for tequila production. Mezcal’s offer a smokey taste that are best enjoyed sipped straight up or mixed with a premium tonic, definitely worth a try for the full Mexican experience!

Crispy Prawn Tacos

Crispy Prawn Tacos

Time for the food! If you’ve chosen the street food then it will start arriving a dish or two at a time. From Crispy Prawn Tacos, to Salmon Sashimi Tosdadas, Chilli Quesadilla and Pork Pibil Tacos, each perfectly presented dish will have your mouth watering.

The freshness of the food really shines through. The colours, textures and aromas will awaken the senses before you’ve even taken a bite. When you do tuck in the flavours will stimulate every tastebud, with each mouthful being one of sheer delight. Perfectly cooked, vibrant, tasty Mexican food.

If you still have room for it then there are plenty of dessert options. The Churros, a Mexican favourite, is perfect to share at the end of your meal. With caramel and/or chocolate dipping sauce to finish it off nicely.

Wahaca Southampton really aims to capture the heart and soul of Mexico, and from start to finish this really shines through in your dining experience. The service, food and atmosphere makes for the perfect meal out in Southampton!

Thomasina we think you’ve nailed it!

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