A meal out with a group, whether friends, colleagues, or family, can sometimes make the decision of where to go slightly tricky. Different tastes and dietary requirements can make it hard to narrow down the perfect venue which you can all enjoy.

JRC Global Buffet Southampton provides the answer!

This impressively large restaurant sits on the corner of the upper level of the Marlands Shopping Centre. Accessed via the main entrance to the Marlands opposite Asda, you’ll be ushered upstairs to the restaurant entrance where you’ll be greeted by staff.

Global buffet Southampton

Dim Sum

On entering the restaurant you’ll be asked to pay upfront for your meal (saves the hassle of splitting it at the end!), a set buffet price of £15.99 at the weekend. It’s not until you head around the corner and see the vast selection of counters hosting cuisine’s from all over the world that you realise just how good the value is!

Completely self service, you can head to the bar to buy your drinks (not included in the buffet price) before you head up to explore all the taste sensations that lay before you.

When we say there is something for everyone, we mean there is something for everyone! Even our vegan companion was more than happy with the large selection of options.

From Sushi to Thai delicacies, Indian, Chinese, and your favourite British feasts! You can even enjoy watching your food being cooked to order at the Teppanyaki bar!

Global buffet Southampton

Save room for dessert!

The food is unlimited so you can keep returning to fill a fresh plate, and the quality is very good especially considering the vast amounts! Make sure you leave some room for pudding though, with ice-cream, chocolate fountain, numerous desserts and a sweetie bar, you’ll want to enjoy that too!

Highly recommended for a real feast and a great venue for a celebration – the birthday boy/girl even gets to eat free!