Nestled at the bottom end of Southampton city centre is the affluent area of Ocean Village. With a marina full of yachts and boats that mentally have written all over them “in your dreams”!

Banana Wharf SouthamptonAlong the idyllic marina promenade is the restaurant and bar, Banana Wharf. A great venue for an evening meal with friends or family.

Inside the restaurant the tables and chairs felts almost like a posh canteen, wooden style and many long tables. There was a good vibe of life even on a Tuesday night.

The menu, is possibly one of the most impressive you will see. There is so much choice! Pizza, pasta, Chinese, Indian, steaks, burgers, you name it was on there! Such a who range of cuisine this is definitely a venue you could take even the fussiest eater too!

The main of salmon linguine in a cream sauce, it was delicious and very filling. If you do have room a great sharing dessert is the banana split…no matter what age those never get old!

Throughout the meal the staff are attentive and friendly. At the end of the meal once you have the bill they tended to leave you for a while before coming back to collect the money, most likely due to not wanting to rush you though.

On the whole Banana Wharf offers a very enjoyable meal and a great venue when looking for places to eat in Southampton.