Freelance illustrator and graphic designer Tom Joyce knows how to make more from his imagery. Working mainly with pen and ink, Tom creates imaginative worl
ds packed with as much detail as possible. We found out more about the man behind the image…

Tell us Tom, how did Tom Joyce Illustration begin?

For as long as I can remember I have always drawn in some way or another, in my schoolbooks, sketchbooks and scrap bits of paper, it’s what I’ve always loved doing, even from an early age, its always been my passion. I then went on to graduate from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Illustration, and have been drawing ever since.

What springs to mind when you think about Southampton?Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 15.04.35

History – the city is riddled with it! I’ve always been interested in the back-stories of places and people and I really love that in Southampton, everywhere you go there are reminders of its rich history. From the Southampton Walls, to the many monuments dotted around the city, it really evokes the imagination and makes you want to discover the secrets that Southampton holds.

What are your top 5 favourite things to do when in Southampton?

Well if I had to just pick 5 I would say:

1. A pie and a pint or two at the Dancing Man Brewery.
2. Going to gigs at Southampton’s many live music venues.
3. Visiting the Southampton City Art Gallery. 4. Shopping for books and vinyl.
5. Chilling out on Southampton Common in the summer. What are the must-sees and dos? As of last year the Common People Festival is hopefully set to be a must-do annual event. For a bit of history the Tudor House and Gardens, and Vaults Tour are perfect, you could even test your bravery with a Ghost tour at night! A nice aspect of Southampton is its location, making it easy to visit stunning places like the New Forest. Or for those who love good food and a relaxing drink, Oxford Street is just the place to go.

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Instagram – @tomjoyceillustration