It’s no mystery that we love an escape room here at The Southampton Guide, and the 1950’s Hidden Past room at Exciting Escapes Southampton was a mystery we were excited to solve!

As always a warm welcome greets you as you enter the premises on Shirley High Street, with staff holding character the whole time to give you that secret agent vibe. Once briefed it’s time to enter your room of choice, in this case the 1950’s room where a mysterious murder during the Cold War needs to be uncovered.

The door closes and your time starts. 60 minutes on the clock to find the clues, discover the hidden secrets, and piece together the puzzle before your time runs out!

From the wallpaper to the furniture, you are transported back in time to a different decade. The attention to detail ensures your feel you’re in the 1950’s, even your method of calling for aid when stuck is in keeping with the era.

This room is a classic for an escape room, with numerous puzzles unlocking hidden secrets and leading you on to the next clue. There is a lot to solve in the time so don’t hang about, we recommend you split into teams to cover as much ground as possible and give you the best chance of beating the clock!

We completed this one in 57 minutes, just three minutes to spare! What we loved was the range and amount of clues to solve that kept the game fast paced and exciting.


See if you can beat our time! Book with Exciting Escapes Southampton.